Tanyati Boxers is situated in the beautiful Western Cape, in sunny South Africa.

The Tanyati bloodline is based on some of the top producing bloodlines in the world, with our pedigrees including great producers from the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Italy, America and of course South Africa.
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Please note we are no longer breeding and have no puppies available.

Tanyati Boxer puppies are born from extensively health tested parents. We test all our breeding animals via Echo-Doppler to rule out ALL congenital heart defects and disease. We also x-ray all our breeding stock for Hip Dysplasia. Our litters are the result of years of careful study of the various bloodlines we use to ensure compatibility with regards to health, conformation, temperament and adherance to the Boxer Standard.

We understand that the majority of people that contact us for a puppy are just wanting a family pet or companion, but we do not believe that this means you are looking for an inferior specimen.

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Tanyati Puppies

Natural Raw Feeding

Tanyati Boxers are fed a raw, natural diet, also known as BARF (Bones And Raw Food), or a Species Appropriate Raw Diet. We believe that our dogs deserve to be fed the way nature intended and therefore we do not feed any commercial food or anything that is not natural....


Raw feeding at Tanyati

Tanyati Boxers are fed exclusively on Raw Gold

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