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17 Jun 2013

We have a gorgeous flashy brindle male puppy ready to move into his Forever Home. Previously booked, this little bundle of happiness has become available again. Please contact me if you are interested in him. He is 8 weeks old, micro-chipped, de-wormed, innoculated, raised on our wonderful raw diet and registered with KUSA.

3 Feb 2013 We had a great start to the 2013 show year! Tanyati I'm Familiar Too (Mika) won Best of Breed and Group 3rd under Mr Johnny Marques (South Africa) at the Liesbeek Kennel Club Open Show. What a little star this wonderful girl is!
4 Nov 2012

Mika (Tanyati I'm Familiar Too) does it again! This little girl continues to get noticed in the ring! At the West Coast Kennel Club's qualifying show she won Winners Bitch, Best of Breed and Group 1st under Boxer specialist judge Mr Ken Hull (South Africa)! Doing his bit too, Jamie (Tanyati Headline News) won Winners Dog and Reserve Best of Breed!

20 Oct 2012 I had a fantastic judging assignment in the UK where I had the honour of judging over 110 male Boxers for the London & Home Counties Boxer Club in Surrey. What a fantastic experience to go over so many top quality Boxers! I will post photos of my winners in due course!
17 Oct 2012

Sweet dreams are made of this!

At the Western Province Boxer Club's 60th Anniversary gala evening and championship show our stunning youngster Tanyati I'm Familiar Too made us unbelievably proud by winning a huge Open Bitch class, winning the 2 POINT CC and topping this off by winning BEST IN SHOW under world renowned Boxer Specialist Judge and breeder of the famous Winuwuk Kennels in the UK, Mr Tim Hutchings! This was one of our sweetest victories ever!

17 Oct 2012

What a wonderful day for Tanyati! We attended the FCI International show in Cape Town judged by Mr Michael Forte (Ireland) where our gorgeous girl Ch Tanyati Vaguely Familiar was graded EXCELLENT, won her 4th CACIB and won Reserve Best of Breed! Go to her page to read the lovely critique Maya got!

And now for something COMPLETELY different! Me and my favourite boy Flavi winning the CACIB, Best of Breed and being placed in the Group at the FCI International show! Check out the GALLERY page for more photos of Flavi and me, including our BEST IN SHOW (All Breeds) win!!

16 Sep 2012

I have finally posted LOADS of new photos of the following Tanyati residents and updated show results etc. I hope you enjoy the updates!

Big Zee of Kellaney (imp. Serbia)
Zanto's DNA test results for ARVC came back from the USA showing that he is NEGATIVE for the mutated gene that has been identified! This is what we expected of course, but we are still delighted with the results!


MBISS MBPISS MBPIS Ch Tanyati Xhilaration


Ch Tanyati Broadway Debut


Tanyati Enchanting


Glowing Ember of Kellaney (imp. Serbia)


Tanyati I'mFamiliarToo


7 June 2012

Yes, we are still alive! We are well into winter here in the Cape and trying to get used to the wet!

I have some really super photos of the dogs to publish from when Aine (Zanto and Katie's breeder) was here from Europe and will slowly put them up when I get a gap.

We've had some super show results over the past couple of months and were absolutely delighted when Abigail (Tanyati All Fired Up for Stanwix) passed her Aptitude Test with a brilliant performance earlier in May. Photos of these achievements will also be posted soon.

They say patience is a virtue.... How much do you have? :)

12 Apr 2012

Apologies for the silence the past few weeks. Things have been very tough at Tanyati lately. Despite all my best efforts, giving her every known medication for Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia, Raven passed away on 22nd March. It was a devastating blow. The 7 weeks I fought for her life seemed to have been for nothing. But I know that there was nothing more I could do, and I take comfort in knowing that Raven knew what I had done for her and her puppies and that there was nothing more on earth I could have done. Rest in peace, my darling Raven. You were life personified and you will be missed so much.

28 Feb 2012

Little Liam is 4 weeks old now (in reality only 3 weeks old) and continues to grow and get stronger. He is drinking 80mls per meal now and has started to play with me after meal times. He has found his voice, which he uses with great gusto if he feels he needs to be fed or played with. I am hopeful he will get through this ordeal, and I can't wait to let him meet Raven.

Raven continues to get stronger and is putting on weight at last. We have a follow-up consultation with the specialist on Thursday where more blood will be drawn and tested to see what is happening with her auto immune haemolytic anaemia. I pray for good news.

18 Feb 2012
I was devastated to lose little Leo today. He grew weaker and weaker and eventually developed signs of a neurological problem and to release him from further suffering I made the very difficult decision to let him go. Many tears were shed. To get to 18 days and then to lose him was a real bitter blow.
17 Feb 2012

We have had a very traumatic 2 1/2 weeks. On 31st January Raven started to abort her litter, 9 days early. She was rushed to emergency and went into theatre. They removed the remaining puppies via a c-section, and spayed Raven as her uterus had twisted and part of it had died off. There were 10 puppies in total, 3 were born dead, 7 were alive after the caesarian, but due to being so premature, only 3 survived the night.

I brought home 3 almost hairless brindle boys early the next morning, while Raven remained in ICU in a critical condition. A week later the largest puppy died and post mortem results indicated an ecoli infection. The remaining 2 pups are hanging in there, but I am battling some issues with them and they are far from out the woods yet.

After a 2 1/2 week stay in ICU Raven came home yesterday and has been diagnosed with Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia, which means that her own immune system is killing off her red blood cells. She is on extemely high doses of cortisone in an effort to prevent her body from viewing her own blood as alien.

Please keep Raven and her 2 tiny sons in your prayers as there is a very long road ahead of us. Raven has not met her sons, and will not meet them until they are a lot older. She is on too much medication to allow the pups to suckle, even if she was strong enough. I am therefore raising them as orphans and am feeding every 3 - 4 hours around the clock. There is no guarantee that the pups will survive as they never suckled from Raven and were born too early to have any immunity passed to them by her.

Each day is a gift, and one that I do not take lightly, but knowing that all my efforts, sleepless nights and worry is not enough to guarantee they survive is very hard.

3 Feb 2012

Gorgeous photos of the "K" Litter aged 16 days posted on their page!


26 Jan 2012

Time to introduce the 3 girls from the Tanyati "K" Litter!


These little beauties were born on 17th January and are 9 days old in these pics.

14 Jan 2012

Happy 10th birthday Shakira! We took Shakira to the beautiful Blouberg Beach for a gentle walk and took some photos. Check them out on her page!

6 Jan 2011

Pregnancy confirmed!

We are delighted to announce that Raven (Tanyati Unfair Advantage) is pregnant to Dexter (Ch Tortuga Jumpin' Jack Flash of Stanwix)! Both Raven and Dexter have excellent health results and there should be a mix of both fawn and brindle puppies in the litter. Put your name down now for one of these puppies! See our PUPPIES page for more details!

31 Dec 2011

We posted pics of Erin's beach visit on New Year's Eve!


22 Dec 2011

We're expecting puppies!!! Pups are due mid January.
Mom is Ch Tanyati Vaguely Familiar and dad is Big Zee of Kellaney (imp Serbia).
Check out our PUPPIES page for more information!

20 Dec 2011

Happy 7th Birthday to our special girl Erin!

17 Dec 2011

At Tanyati Boxers we remain in the forefront when it comes to health testing. We only breed from comprehensively health tested animals. Our latest endeavour with regards health testing is to have our breeding dogs genetically tested for ARVC (Arythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy), or Boxer Cardiomyopathy. This test is carried out in the USA and we are delighted to announce that Raven (Tanyati Unfair Advantage) has been DNA tested for ARVC and is found to be NEGATIVE! We are delighted with this result!

15 Nov 2011

Jamie makes the cover of a magazine in Spain!

24 Oct 2011

Have just had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life, to help Flipper over the Rainbow Bridge. He was my loyal companion for many years and I am heart broken to have had to say goodbye. Thanks to Pat Withers and Joanne Povall for letting Flipper be a part of my life. He was loved very much. Rest in Peace Flipper (Ch Witherford Censored SOM). 18/11/1999 - 24/10/2011.

Ch Witherford Censored (imp UK)

19 Oct 2011

Great news from the Cape Shows!

Our breathtaking Brandy, Ch Tanyati Broadway Debut, did us proud by winning Best of Breed and Group 4th under Ms Kerryn Harvey of Australia on 15 October, and 1st Champion bitch under Mrs Anelle Cooper (USA) on 16 October.


Gina, Tanyati Golden Delicious, won Best Junior and Junior Group 2nd under Ms Kerryn Harvey (Australia) as well as the CC, Best Junior and Junior Group 4th under Mrs Anelle Cooper (USA) ! Congrats to Shannon! Made his long drive from Jhb to attend the shows worthwhile!

Maya, Ch Tanyati Vaguely Familiar, wins her 3rd CACIB and Reserve Best of Breed under Mr Jo Schepers of Holland at the FCI International Show!

1 Oct 2011

We are saddened to have to say goodbye to a very special girl, Ch Tanyati Brittany. Sleep well my little angel. You have left a huge gap in our lives.


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