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26 Aug 2007

We are expecting puppies!

Tanyati La Petite Fleur "Fleur" and Ch Witherford Iced Mango BT (imp UK) "Inca" are pleased to announce that they are expecting a family. Fleur is looking fantastic and has quite a big tummy now! The little ones are expected on around the 8th September. Fleur, as usual, refuses to pose for the camera, saying her figure is not "up to it" even though Inca keeps telling her that he's never seen her look so good!

A very good friend of ours (Sally Young of Chiswick Boxers) has 2 delightful white Boxer puppies looking for homes. The 2 boys are sons of Tanyati Nordic Ice and Tokaji Furmint v.Eurozone (imp Hungary). Please contact Sally if you would like to share your lives with a delightful white Boxer. Sally can be contacted on 082 490 6961. Please refer to our page on White Boxers if you would like some more information on living with a white Boxer. Note that both these boys CAN hear and are NOT deaf.


18 Aug 2007

Erin (Ch Poklenberg's Broadway (imp UK)) does it again! Erin is keeping up her winning spree! At the EBC Double Bill Championship show Erin 'did the double' by winning Best Opposite Sex at both the morning show AND the afternoon show! So, she's on 7 FBCSA championship shows attended in 2007 with 2 Best in Show awards and 5 Best Opposite Sex awards!

Congratulations to Shaun Graham and the very beautiful Tanyati 'Nother Feeling (Tanyati Furio x Ch Tanyati Gotta Feeling AD) on also 'doing the double' with 4-Point Major wins at both shows. Faith now only needs 2 more championship points to qualify as an FBCSA CHAMPION!

Further congratulations to Tommy Smith with his Genelto's Big Blizzard, son of our Ch Witherford Censored (imp UK), on winning Best Puppy at the afternoon show!

Ch Witherford Censored (imp UK) was named Sire of the Show in the afternoon! Flipper is a true testament to our belief in the amazing Witherford bloodline and as predicted he has become a phenomenal producer.

4 Aug 2007

Tanyati has a new CHAMPION!!

We are delighted to announce that Tanyati Rosabella BT became a champion at the NBC Championship show today! This is the first South African Champion for her parents, Ch Tanyati Gotta Feeling AD and Ch Witherford Censored (imp UK). Bella won her maturity points at the first show she attended after the age of 21 months. We are delighted with how she has matured and are now waiting patiently for her to come into season, as she will be bred to our own, amazing Ch Witherford Iced Mango BT (imp UK).

Bella's litter sister, Tanyati Royal Davina, won her first maturity point! Davi only needs to win one more point to also qualify as a Champion.

Our beautiful girl, Ch Poklenberg's Broadway (imp UK), was awarded Best Opposite Sex. Erin has attended 5 FBCSA championship shows this year and has won Best in Show twice and Best Opposite Sex three times.

Ch Witherford Censored (imp UK) again proved he is a great producer by being named Sire of the Show.

1 Aug 2007

Happy 2nd birthday to the Tanyati R litter!

  • JCh. Tanyati Royalista (Hungary)
  • Multiple Best in Show and multiple 4-point major winner Tanyati Rosabella
  • Multiple 4-point major winner Tanyati Royal Davina
  • Best in Show winner Tanyati Royal Touch
  • Tanyati Royal Prerogative
  • Tanyati Royal Seal
  • Tanyati Royal Jester
  • Tanyati Royal Doulton
22 Jul 2007
My husband Gary was involved in a serious motorbike accident and underwent emergency surgery to repair extensive damage to his right leg. He is in a lot of pain and it's a long road ahead, but I thank God that he is alive and that his only injuries were to his leg, which took most of the impact of the rather large vehicle that hit him. His new motorbike was not so lucky...
22 Jul 2007

News from Hungary! At the International dog show in Szombathely Hungary...

In Alexandra Gav's words "There must have been the fiercest competition I have ever witnessed in the Boxer ring in this country to date. Many excellent Boxers entered, with Boxers born in Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech, Poland and S.Africa competing. JCh.Tanyati Royalista, after 9 months absence from the ring - Intermediate class Winner, CAC, Best Bitch, CACIB, Savaria Winner 2007! Roya had beaten the ATIBOX 2005 Junior World Winner and the ATIBOX 2007 Best in Show for this win."

20 Jul 2007

OK! So, do you want to know what I've been up to these past few months that has kept me away from updating the site? I have just launched an online pet shopping website - VeryPet ( This has taken up most of my spare time and I am still increasing the product ranges. Pop on the site and let me know what you think. We offer top quality products, monthly specials, secure credit card payment through MWEB's SafeShop, and delivery to anywhere in South Africa.

VeryPet. Online Shopping for EveryPet


26 Jun 2007

Hi all my Tanyati friends!!!

Yes, we ARE still alive but life is HECTIC at Tanyati! We are so busy with all sorts of things that I just have not had time to sit at the PC long enough to update it! I have photos to put up and new pages for my two beautiful girls, Tanyati Unfair Advantage "Raven" (Ch Witherford Censored imp UK x Ch Tanyati Gotta Feeling AD) and Tanyati Vaguely Familiar "Mylie" (Ch Witherford Iced Mango BT imp UK x Ch Ramona's Double Delight) but no time to do it! These little girls are almost 5 months old now (gosh, doesn't time fly?!) and they still don't have their own pages! I'm a bad mom!

It's almost time for more puppies at Tanyati and we have one girl who is on the verge of coming into season! I can't wait for my next load of puppies and from the emails I am getting I know there are a number of special people out there dying to get their Tanyati puppy! Be patient! The clock is ticking and Mother Nature is moving in the right direction! Keep your eyes on this News page and announcements will be made when the time is right!

Thanks to all the special friends, known and unknown, that have been signing my guestbook! I must get that sorted out to capture email addresses so I can respond to people individually. Yet another job on the long list!

On a sad note, I lost my great companion of 22 years, my horse Rio, a week ago. The empty stable is heartbreaking to walk past and his absence tears a hole in my heart. He was a faithful companion for more than half my life and I hope that Rommel, Heiko, Amy, Merlie, Chanel, Kascha, Gustav and Delta are taking turns riding on his back!

That's all for now, and I promise to post proper updates soon!

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