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16 Aug 2009
  • Morgan has updated his blog!
2 Aug 2009
26 July 2009
  • Brandy is now 6 months old and has turned into a gorgeous young girl. We are absolutely delighted that she is maturing so beautifully. New photos of her have been posted on her page.


  • New photos of Jazzy, Brandy's sister, have been posted...


  • Stacked photos of the "C" litter aged 7 weeks have been posted. Please excuse the coat decorations of dried grass... One of the down sides of living in Gauteng in winter!





19 July 2009
  • Morgan made me SO proud on Saturday by being placed FIRST in the Working Group in the Pedigree Adult Challenge at WODAC and then going on to being placed 3rd overall. Judge was Mrs Ana Beatriz Knoll of Brazil. A HUGE thank you to all Morgan's ringside fans that really supported us and cheered us on.
  • Photos of the Tanyati "C" Litter aged 6 weeks have been posted!





18 July 2009
Morgan has updated his Blog with his fantastic win in the Working Group and third place overall in the Pedigree Adult Challenge at the World Of Dogs And Cats annual expo today!
12 July 2009
  • Huge congratulations to Tanyati All Fired Up At Stanwix and her owner Jacqui Verrinder for Abby's Puppy Group 1st and Group 1st at Sunday's Kennel Association's Open Show in Cape Town! Way to go Jacqui!
  • Morgan has posted an update to his Blog - Good Morgan
  • Updated photos of the "C" Litter aged 5 weeks have been posted


  • The Tanyati "D" Litter has arrived - see their page and photos...


5 July 2009

New photos of Tanyati Broadway Pizazz "Brooklyn" have been posted.

It was too cold in Hennops River this weekend to take photos of the puppies from the "C" Litter, so please be patient and this coming weekend I promise to take photos...

28 June 2009

Morgan has posted an updated to his Blog - Good Morgan

Photos of the "C" Litter aged 3 weeks have been posted!


21 June 2009

Photos of the "C" litter aged 15 days have been posted!


18 June 2009
  • Morgan has started his own blog...
  • Morgan's new Showdogs advert is out... view it on his page.

16 June 2009

The Tanyati "C" Litter have their own page. We are processing applications for puppies from this litter....


6 June 2009
Time to eat my hat! Raven's litter was born today and against all expectations she had fawn puppies in the litter! Details of the litter will be posted when they are a bit older. Please be patient - it will be worth the wait! They are GORGEOUS!
27 May 2009

It was confirmed tonight that Ch Tanyati 'Nother Feeling is also expecting a litter! We have mated Shiloh to Felix, Morgan's dad and are over the moon that she is pregnant. Please see our Puppies page for more information.


23 May 2009

Loads of updates!

  • WE ARE EXPECTING PUPPIES! Morgan and Raven are going to be parents. Puppies are expected around 8th June. Please see our Puppies page for more information.



  • Photos of Tanyati All Fired Up for Stanwix have been posted! We also congratulate Abigail and her owner Jacqui Verrinder for her Best Puppy and Puppy Group 1 as well as her Best Puppy In Show win recently!



  • Updates to Morgan's show results - more CC's won, a Best of Breed and a Group 3rd place!
  • Tanyati Boxers have been accepted onto the KUSA Accredited Breeders Scheme! This is a real honour and acknowledges our efforts to be recognised as one of the top Boxer breeders in South Africa.

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