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31 Dec 2008

Loads of photos uploaded!

A dignified Tanyati White Mischief "Helga"

A well-behaved Tanyati Watch Out "Ben"

A *very* active Tanyati You're The One "Milo"

A mischievous Tanyati Zahira "Hanna"

A wide awake Tanyati ZigZag "Gemma"

A very active Tanyati AllThatMatters "Tina"

A smoochable Tanyati All Fired Up For Stanwix "Abigail"

A very cute Tanyati All Or Nothing "Turk" and his baby Bulldog brother

29 Dec 2008

New photos of Tanyati All Aglow at Jakkalsdans aged 9 weeks have been posted.

14 Dec 2008

Photos of Tanyati All Aglow at Jakkalsdans "Daisy" aged 7.5 weeks have been posted.


7 Dec 2008

Long overdue updates!

On 28th November Morgan celebrated his FIRST BIRTHDAY! Looking back a year, I can't believe this exquisite boy has achieved as much as he has! I knew he was special the minute he was born, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to climb the dizzying heights of success in the show ring as a puppy like he has!
Happy birthday, beautiful boy.

Photos of Morgan aged 1 year have also been posted on his page.

Photos of the "Z" Litter

and the "A" Litter have been posted too...

19 Nov 2008

We have received the report from Wendy Brooks (Jinnybrux Boxers - UK) after she judged at the Western Province Boxer Club's championship show on 18 October. Here's a taste of what she said about Morgan:

"This eleven month old red/white boy caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Posed he looked wonderful, with his gleaming red tight fitting coat and super musculation. I found him as impressive when I went over him."

Visit Morgan's page to read her full critique...

06 Nov 2008

Lovely photo of Ben (Tanyati Watch Out) and mom, Melissa

05 Nov 2008

Updated photos of the "Z" Litter aged 30 days

and the "A" Litter aged 11 days

Photos of Tanyati You Got It "Poppy"

Pics of Inca's son, Mango, posted in the gallery

03 Nov 2008

We have a birthday boy!

Our very special "Old Man" turns 10 years old today! I can't believe Inca is 10! It seems like just yesterday when I visited Pat Withers in the UK and chose the outgoing, mishievous golden brindle boy that was to become the cornerstone of Tanyati Boxers. Happy Birthday Schtinkie!

Ch Witherford Iced Mango SOM BT (imp UK) pictured on his 10th birthday.

01 Nov 2008

Candid photos of the "Z" Litter aged 28 days have been posted.


26 Oct 2008

Photos of the gorgeous "Z" litter aged 25 days have been posted!


22 Oct 2008

The stork has been to visit Tanyati Boxers!!!

The long-awaited Tanyati "A" litter has arrived! We've gone all the way through the alphabet and are back at "A"!

18/19 Oct 2008

What a fitting end to a fantastic first show season for our amazing boy, Tanyati Xhilaration!
At the Cape Town show weekend, our last championship shows for 2008:

  • Saturday 18th - Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club - CC (Mr Percy Green - South Africa)
  • Saturday 18th - Western Province Boxer Club - Best Puppy in Show, CC, Reserve Best in Show (Mrs Wendy Brooks - Boxer Specialist UK)
  • Sunday 19th Cape Town Kennel Club - Best Puppy, CC, Best of Breed, Puppy Group 1st, Group 2nd! (Mrs Christina Chapman - UK)

Check out Morgan's own page for the full details!

10/11/12 Oct 2008

Oh my word.....

We had phenomenal success at the 4 Spring Weekend Championship Shows! Probably our most successful show weekend to date. Check this out....

Our young star Morgan (Tanyati Xhilaration) won the following:

  • Best Junior under Boxer Specialist judge Ms Janelle Robbins (Australia) (FCI show)
  • Best Puppy, CC, BEST OF BREED under Mrs Lynne Norman (Australia)
  • Puppy Group 1 under Mr John O'Gorman (Ireland)
  • Best Puppy in Show 4th under Boxer Specialist judge Ms Janelle Robbins (Australia)
  • Best Puppy and CC under Boxer Specialist judge Mrs Inge Dahle (Norway)
  • Puppy Group 3 under Ms Josie Foley (Ireland)
  • Best Puppy in Show, CC, BEST IN SHOW under Boxer Specialist judge Mrs Anne Manduell-Carkeek (South Africa)!!!

Morgan after his Best in Show win

"Maya" Tanyati Vaguely Familiar won:

  • Reserve CC under Mrs Lynne Norman (Australia)
  • Reserve CC under Boxer Specialist judge Mrs Inge Dahle (Norway)
  • Reserve CC under Boxer Specialist judge Mrs Anne Manduell-Carkeek (South Africa)

Tanyati Nordic Ice (owned by Sally Young) and Tanyati 'Nother Feeling "Shiloh" came first and second respectively in the Open Bitch Class.

We are on cloud 9 after this fantastically successful weekend for Tanyati! And not to mention quite exhausted...

10 Oct 2008

Photos of the "Z" Litter aged 7 days have been posted!

3 Oct 2008

Look what arrived at Tanyati this morning!

The long awaited "Z" litter!

21 Sept 2008

New photos of Tanyati Wildfire Tango have been posted!

19 Sept 2008

Beautiful photo of Tanyati Xhilaration "Morgan" winning Best Puppy in Show in Bloemfontein on 31st August at Kimberley Kennel Club's Championship show.

New photos of G Ch Tanyati Greystoke AD BH BT "Thor" looking great at 6.9 years have been posted!

4 Sept 2008

New photos of Tanyati Unforgettable "Chloe" sent by Ursula from Peru at age 19 months

Photos of Tonto sent to us by Susan in Uitenhage


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