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Our Puppy Inquiry Form is used to help us get a good idea on what you are looking for, and the type of home you would be able to offer one of our very special babies. Please fill in as much information as possible so that we can help you find the puppy you are looking for!

Please fill in the form in ENGLISH! If you do not receive a reply from us within 2 days PLEASE re-submit your inquiry as there might have been a problem getting the inquiry form through. We respond to ALL inquiries as long as they are completely filled in.

Your name:

Email address:

Telephone number (incl. Int dialling code & area code)

Where are you located?

Are you married/in a Permanent Relationship or Single?
Married/Permanent Relationship

Do you have children?

If yes, what are their ages? (check all that apply)
1-3 Years
4-8 Years
9-12 Years

I currently live in a...

I currently am
Renting (have owner's permission for a dog)
Renting (will have to get permission)

How big is your garden?

Describe your walling/fencing

Do you have a swimming pool?

If yes, is there a net on the pool, or a fence around the pool?

Where will your dog live?
In the garden
In a kennel/dog run
In the house

When your dog is home alone, how will it be confined?
A crate
Loose in the garden
Loose in the house
In a kennel/dog run

How long will this dog be left alone regularly?
(Please explain as best you can)

Will there be somebody available to feed the puppy lunch?

Do you have any other pets? How many and what type?

Have you ever had a Boxer before?
Currently own one
Had a Boxer in the past
Friend has a Boxer
Family has a Boxer
Never had a Boxer, but always liked them

What are you looking for?
Don't mind either

Any particular colour?
Plain fawn/red (very little white on the body, black face)
Plain brindle (very little white on the body, black face)
Flashy fawn/red (white legs/feet, white on the face, often white on the neck)
Flashy brindle (white legs/feet, white on the face, often white on the neck)
Any colour

I am looking for...
Any age

Would you consider taking a Rescue Boxer? (adult dog looking for a home)?
No thank you

What are you looking for in your Boxer?
(Check all that apply)
Family pet/companion
Obedience/working trials
Plan to breed

When do you want to get your puppy?
Looking now
in 1-3 months
in 6 months
Willing to wait for the right puppy
Just inquiring at this time

What do you feed your dogs currently?
Commercial pet food
Raw natural diet
Cooked meals

Would you be willing to feed a raw natural diet to your puppy? i.e. no commercial food at all, only raw food imitating the natural diet of a wild carnivore. Please read our page on Raw Feeding if you do not know what this is.

Will you be taking your puppy to any type of puppy socialisation classes?

Is there anything else you'd like me to know about you and your family, with regards to your experience with dogs in general and Boxers in particular?

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